Flowers 4 the Float

The Nurses' Float
Celebrate and Honor All Nurses
at the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade®

Our Sponsors & Patrons

We are so grateful for our financial sponsors and patrons. It takes considerable financial and human resources to design, build, and decorate a Rose Parade float.  The success of this project was a direct result of the generous support of individual nurses, groups of nurses, friends of nurses, associations, healthcare institutions and the healthcare industry.  We couldn’t have done it without YOU.  You are part of history and we are all connected through this experience.  THANK YOU!

Our Sponsors

Queen Elizabeth RoseRose Queen Elizabeth Level—$10,000-$49,999

Christian Dior RoseRose Christian Dior Level—$5,000-$9,999

Pink Parfait RoseRose Pink Parfait Level—$2,500-$4,999


Grandmere Jenny RoseRose Grandmere Jenny Level—$500-$2,499


Sarabande RoseRose Sarabande Level—$150-$499


Our Patrons